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Build a team so strong you don’t know who the boss is

Build a team so strong you don’t know who the boss is

The Corporate Coaching arm at Pathways is underpinned by a passion for Excellence and a deep Understanding of  the structure of human behavior and the advantage it offers in a Leadership role to stimulate curious learning and a hunger to succeed beyond expectations among team members.

We have learned that the most powerful form of communication is behavior. We believe it is a thousand times more effective as a communications device than “words” alone.


Through our leadership Coaching style we are able to manage, anticipate and elicit people’s behavior in a positive, empowering manner that delivers results. In the many years spent in FMCG Corporate, we have experienced great successes in leading teams/individuals by helping them develop their natural talents effectively, unlocking potential and creating a working environment that enables them to sustain a culture of learning, growing, succeeding and celebrating.



We strive to assist individuals and teams in the corporate and private sector to understand how they can maximize their potential and increase effectiveness, as individuals and holistically as a team

Pathway offers:

25 years of Corporate experience coupled with Coaching, Neuro Linguistic programming and emotional Intelligence to deliver bespoke trainings to suit your team’s needs.


Building highly effective teams is more than an offering, it is a passion! Part of the DNA that makes this team a valuable partner in your business!