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Future Leaders

Emotional Intelligence the missing link

Is there a Roadmap for Success?

To assist our children in:

Reaching Higher Academic achievements

Making Better Choices in Life

Growing up to be Successful & Happy, Fulfilled

Our Future leader Pathway Coaching

is an area we are immensely passionate about!

Why emotional intelligence is important for my children.

We coach our Future leaders by understanding their own unique temperament and teaching them the skill of emotional intelligence.

This is done by using a combination of the learnings from the  Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence model and the EQ4Kids, Emotional Intelligence Development Program for Kids


Make better life decisions


Find a fulfilling career


Live a purpose driven life


Know who they are



EQ4KIDS is a  proudly South African founded organization.


Many years of accumulated experience in learning and understanding human behavior lead the team to identify a great need in schools for a curriculum in emotional intelligence skills this resulted in the development of the EQ4KIDS program. 

Through this program children can be equipped with emotional intelligence skills from as young as possible. The skills and lessons taught through this program will enable your child to recognize emotions in the self and in others, understand the causes of emotions as well as their consequences, label emotions with sophisticated vocabulary, learn to express emotions in socially appropriate ways as well as to regulate emotions effectively. It also teaches children a variety of other essential life skills. 



This program is designed to make a vital contribution to your child’s life. It will enhance your child’s ability to form stable, supportive relationships and enjoy greater well-being as well as academic performance. Developing a child’s emotional intelligence plays a key role in raising happy, resilient and well-adjusted kids and adults one day. 

What makes EQ4KIDS unique is the fact that it is not only a program which develops the emotional intelligence of children at a very young age, it is also a parental guidance program through which parents can learn exactly what they need to do in order to assist in developing these essential life skills in their children. 

Future Leaders-  Teens Pathways

EQ4Kids Dubai, offers a number of workshops which aims to provide parents and children with the most recent information available on issues such as:

Sibling rivalry, temperaments, anger management, and bullying


Parents Workshops

  • Creative Discipline
  • How to talk to your Child about Sex
  • Wiring your child’s brain for success
  • My Child is being Bullied
  • EQ 4 Parents
  • Engaging with your Teen


Workshops for Children

  • Understanding emotions (emotional literacy & recognizing patterns)
  • Assertiveness
  • Importance of Empathy
  • Being a great leader